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Point To Point Network – Point To Point Connection Phoenix

Point To Point Network – Point To Point Connection Phoenix
point to point connection – point to point network phoenix

I am often asked about point to point networks in Phoenix. I want to take a moment to share what the advantages are of a point to point network and a point to point connection.

To put it simply, point to point networks and connections:

– Are the most reliable connectivity solution
– The most cost effective for the speed realized
– They have the lowest latency for our clients applications
– And the highest level of security possible

Over the years carriers created other solutions, like MPLS and Frame relay. These were designed to address the carrier’s network limitations. Some carriers in the industry still push these services despite their no longer being an advantage.

These other services all lack:
– The reliability of point to point networks
– The cost effectiveness for the speed realized
– And carrier redundancy

With the increased capacity of fiber optic networks, and improved electronics, the cost of a point to point networks and connectivity are usually less expensive than these other services.

To maximize the benefit of point to point networks, and the point to point connections, the key is to use the right carrier at each of your locations. That most likely will not be the same carrier at each location.

That’s where a company like Threshold comes in.Threshold point to point networks and connections are delivered to your locations over multiple carriers and access methods, optimizing your bandwidth while minimizing cost. This allows Threshold to maximize network reliability, cost efficiency, and leaving you with the need to work with one company, Threshold Communications.

Please, give us a call if Thresholds point to point network / point to point connection is is a solution your company is in need of.

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