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October 30, 2016

Hosted PBX Pricing


Avg Price Points For Hosted PBX Systems




nextiva hosted pbx solutions          NEXTIVA HOSTED PBX PRICING – $19.95 – CHEAPEST PACKAGE



Vonage hosted PBX solutions         VONAGE HOSTED PBX PRICING – $19.99 – CHEAPEST PACKAGE


Ring Central Hosted PBX          RING CENTRAL HOSTED PBX PRICING – $19.99


jive hosted pbx solutions          JIVE RING CENTRAL PRICING – $19.95



Why A Hosted PBX Phone System Is Right For Your Business

VOIP and hosted phonesIt’s Cheaper – The cost of purchasing, installing, configuring, and maintaining an on premise PBX system far exceeds the cost of buying into a hosted PBX system.

Convenience – The service provider will be responsible for setting up, and maintaining the system. Gone are the days of trying to find a local telecom technician to add lines or repair a downed system. Adding lines or configuring the call routing features can be as simple as logging into your dashboard and selecting a the options.


Local Numbers – Regardless where you are located, and regardless where the PBX service provider is located they all have access to local numbers. This gives you the opportunity to have a local presence with a local number.

Mobile Flexibility – With mobile ready line functionality, workers can access the phones remotely. It’s no longer necessary for a sales rep to be glued to his desk, numbers can be routed and accessed from the convenience of a smart phone.

Scalability – The hosted PBX systems don’t tie you down to a single purchase, meaning that it’s both upgradable and downgradable at any time.

Image – The features that are available with most hosted PBX solutions allow smaller businesses to project a larger enterprise style image with advanced features like call routing, auto attendants, on-hold messaging, and IVR capabilities.

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