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October 30, 2016

Intelligent Call Routing


Automated Intelligent Call Routing

intelligent call routingLong gone are the days of the ol’ switch board operator pulling and plugging 1/8th inch patch bay cables from port to port to connect a caller to the desired recipient. For decades, automated attendants have been answering and redirecting callers to the appropriate parties. And now, it’s getting even more intuitive.

Intelligently routing inbound calls is something that software companies have refined over the years. It’s now possible to redirect inbound callers to any department of an organization without ever speaking to them. These algorithms can identify a caller by accessing information stored in the database that ties them to a specific number. Specifically speaking we’re talking about the ANI (a technical term for Caller ID), or other binary information that is provided by the inbound caller during the phone call.

For example, if there was a call center that wanted to have it’s callers routed to specific agents within the organization based on criteria like membership levels or payment plans then an interactive Voice Recording (IVR) could be configured to ask the caller for an account number and the router could then look-up the customer’s membership level, payment information, subscription history, and anything else relevant to the query and determine which group of agents to send the call to based on those results. This ensures that each caller is being redirected to the appropriate agent who is best suited to handle the inbound call and provide that customer the best experience possible. These features can be found on our Hosted PBX solutions.

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